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Week 34.

Unexpected Turns

A Donut by Timothy on 30 August

My week ended rather somber. I was reminded just how fragile we as human beings are. We are not invincible. Disease and illness can and will catch us off guard. Whilst I am not speaking about myself, my thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who finds themselves in a testing situation.

Sickness never effects just one individual and directly or indirectly, our lives and journeys twist and turn in directions we don’t expect. It was naive to think that my design journey and this blog was going to follow a neat, sequential order of 52 steps. Even the most carefully thought out plans can be completely thrown into shambles by the smallest detail. This is life. So if you just happen to accomplish what you set out to achieve in a week, a month, a year – that’s perfectly fine!

Someone sent an enquiry email this week. The first time this happened, it filled me with anxiety. Let me just say that the second time around, is a completely different experience. Originally, the process was filled with uncertainty. At least the second time around you have SOME idea of what you’re worth and what you expect to do.

The major thing that I would say that concerned me in the beginning was quoting more than I was worth and putting people off with (imagined) exuberant prices. Of course, the first couple of jobs resulted in me undervaluing myself and working longer than expected. I feel far more comfortable (slowly) raising those rates now.

Oh, I haven’t heard anything back from that enquirer after explaining my rate and expected hours, by the way. I can only assume they were looking for a cheaper fix, which is their prerogative. I wouldn’t be doing myself or other designers any favours by becoming those ‘$50 a logo’ guys. Sorry’boutit.

This week's donut?

1. Look after yourself and those around you.

2. "Confidence isn't thinking everyone's going to like you, it's knowing you're going to be just fine whether everyone likes you or not."

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