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Week 40.

“Alone We Can Do So Little; Together We Can Do So Much”

A Donut by Timothy on 11 October


So, Wednesday evening was the state announcements for the Australian Web Awards night. Admittedly, social anxiety levels were off the scale. I’m not sure what I was expecting, exactly. I’m hardly what you would call a confident, social butterfly who has a natural affinity for networking… but it turned out to be a pleasant evening, nether the less.

I’ve met a lot of interesting people during my working life; and from across a lot of different disciplines, too. Some people are fiercely competitive, cut throat and would happily push others under the bus if it meant they were going to get ahead.  If I had to make a prediction of what the night was going to “look like” before I set off, I might have envisaged low key eye rolling, scoffing and sarcastic eyebrow raising as the winners were read out. Of course, my pessimistic mindset and overactive imagination belied the light heartedness and cheer which was the night.

If you have your apprehensions about these kinds of meet-ups, I’m here to say that if you’re willing to go outside of your comfort zone, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Easy for me to say on this side of the event, I know – but there you go! Although each award was a acknowledgement of that agency or individual’s handwork, it really felt that it was a celebration of the industry and West Australian design in general.

I was asked a few times if I was “excited” to be a state winner. Damn my facial expressions and their inability to fake a reaction… because the truth was, I wasn’t excited; I was embarrassed thinking that people were looking over my words and others were planning on it. It’s a silly way of viewing it, I know. That doesn’t mean I’m not proud of what we have achieved – it just goes to show how far discipline and determination (and the gentle nudge from a colleague to get a wriggle on writing) can get you.


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We can celebrate individual success, but it's collective achievement that seems so much more sweeter.

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