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Week 14.

Clocks and watches and sun dials

A Donut by Kylie on 26 April

You know, I’d really like to say that I am wonderful at managing my time. The fact is, I’m absolutely shit at it and I hate the fact that I suck at it. Here are some things that I know I should be doing and the way my brain deals with them. Hopefully, this will kick my ass a little bit.

Assign time to work on things and stick to it.
“But I am so close to finishing it…” *8 hours and 3 other uncompleted tasks later*

Assign mini goals to achieve at the end of X hours.
“What? What goals. I didn’t set any mini goals. La-la-la-la” *8 hours and 3 other uncompleted tasks later*

Do your most important tasks first.
“But if I can just get these out of the way I’ll have a clear mind for the rest of the day.” I do this knowing that I work better first thing in the morning and in the evening. Between 1pm and 4pm I’m a pleb and that is the time I end up working on the most important things because if my ridiculous justification. Productivity fail.

Target to be early.
“Oh look, I have an hour left. Let me squeeze another 4 hours of tasks in this 1 hour” *8 hours and 3 other uncompleted tasks later*

Learn to juggle: You can start something else, without finishing the other.
I am always looking for a clean break in the flow of whatever I’m doing. The thing is, I don’t ever recognise when these clean breaks arise.

Eliminate distractions.
Oh. That random question just popped into my head? I need to Google that right now. 

I know time management is important, and it is something I try to work on every day. The upside is that despite the above, I am miles better than I used to be. Yes, it was once worse than that. ^

This week's donut?

Develop good time management skills from the very beginning. Bad habits are much harder to break later on.

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