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Week 39.


A Donut by Kylie on 4 October

This week we received the yearly domain renewal notice for Two in Fifty Two. Although I’m well aware that we’re almost at the end of our donutty journey, it came as a bit of shock. It’s hard to believe that we’ve almost been doing this for an entire year. It intrigues me that we, as humans, are constantly surprised by the concept of time. It seems likely that after interacting with time every second, every minute and every hour of the day during every month of every year, we would be totally familiar and comfortable with all the uncertainties and anxious progress it provides. But instead, time after time, we question it…

“Where has the year gone”
“Is it 3’o’clock already?”
“I’m late… again.”

Time is something I think about a lot. Especially of late, especially this week. I find it both easy and difficult to wrap my head around the fact that time is completely intangible and yet it’s treated as such a commodity when it comes to living our lives: we need time to do that, we need time to do this; we don’t have time to do what we want and but often we find ourselves with time to waste. My relationship with time can be paralleled to playfully annoying my cat. I’ll flap some fluffy object around in her face while she wakes from a nap only to pull away quickly—in shock—when she decides she’s had enough and swipes for my hand. The thing is, I know it’s coming but I’m totally surprised by it anyway. Time is similar, I’m acutely aware that time is here, passing and coming, but I’m surprised by it whenever it behaves in ways I don’t expect… which is odd, because time, if anything, is one of the most predictable parts of our lives.

At the start of the year I had plenty of things that I wanted to achieve. I’ve been somewhat accomplished in reaching my goals but now, we only have two months of the year left and I haven’t reached the level I had hoped to reach. In all honesty, I’ve been too busy thinking about time, that I’ve missed most of my opportunities to hold onto time and use it to my complete advantage. Ten months is a lot of time… why didn’t I take hold of it while I could? Of course, now, as time is fleeting, those ten months are gone never to return. What can I do about it now? Nothing, except to keep moving forward.

Except now, I hope that moving forward will be more productive. It has become clear to me that while we continue to allow ourselves to be surprised by time, we’re continue to allow ourselves to be blind to time. In actuality we should be staring at straight at time—whatever it looks like—with all of its light and shade and making use of every damn minute the very best we can.

"You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce"

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