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Week 9.


A Donut by Timothy on 8 March


The view from my office. It gets a bit lonely. There has to be a benefit to being at home studying – this apartment building rooftop is mine. Such a shame the outdoors and screens aren’t always so compatible, because I would work outdoors all the time. Even when I was teaching I would look for opportunities to sit outside in the sun. Too bad bugs, leaves, cars, birds and general movement turns attentive children into shits. Well, to be fair – I would get distracted too, overdosing on Vitamin D!

Anyway, to business! The practice-project-piece I created this week was influenced by a couple of different designers I’ve come across on Dribbble. The inner dialogue during the process sounds a little like this;

I should put something there.

Does it need it though?

But there’s a space.

Isn’t space good?

Oh yeah, you’re right!

Are we ready to snack?…

Inner dialogue tends to deteriorate after the snack bombs hit, and don’t for a moment think that this streamlined conscious thinking is characteristic of my thought patterns. For me, I wanted to make something that was sophisticated, classic and clean. Something suave… I haven’t really used a serif font before – when you start out you have this idea about being “modern” and “edgy” but there’s something really warm and comforting about seeing something that resembles an old book (okay, forgive me if this sounds like a big ‘durrr’ moment, but it is what it is…) Anyway, feel free to check it out, comment, feedback etc. etc.


I haven’t been winning any gold stars for positivity these last few days. I really wanted to create something – but there’s that elusive “inspiration” that decides to show up whenever the hell it wants. I thought I would try to illustrate SOMETHING. I’m always in awe at tattoo artists on Instagram and wanted to emulate that darker image. When I started, it was not going so well – I almost slammed the laptop lid shut in frustration (I say almost, I can’t afford to fix it if I break it!) As with most stuff you think will never work out, you tackle it bit by bit, little by little, until it snowballs and before you know it, there’s something you’re proud of achieving.


This week's donut?

If all else fails, draw a pretty picture. Feel good.

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