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Week 5.

Start Where You Are…

A Donut by Timothy on 8 February

Look, I’m going to keep this one brief. No real progress was made, although some new goals were set in the final few hours of Sunday night. Not everyone has an inside person like I do. My pessimism might have gotten the better of me if I was left to my own devices.

During the week, I perused your usual ‘go-to’ sites to see what opportunities where out there some someone looking for work.

Pedestrian TV had a total of 31 hits for Design/Photography Category

Sydney – 20 hits. Melbourne – 7 hits. Brisbane – 4 hits. Perth – 0 hits

The Loop had a wider scope for artists, finished artists, graphic designers, illustrators and visualisers

NSW – 68 hits. VIC – 30 hits. QLD – 3 hits. WA – 0 hits

and Seek, under the category of Graphic Design… well, have a look for yourself…

Sydney – 102 hits. Melbourne – 65 hits. Brisbane – 18 hits. Perth – 10 hits (4 require 3 yrs minimum)

So, the design community works a little differently in Perth… I shouldn’t be surprised. My school was one of the few in WA that offered the Design course – a course that is widely studied over East…


I also came across these words. They were very fitting.

Start where you are

Use what you have

Do what you can 

So that is what I am going to do.


Sorry kids, hopefully something interesting to show you next week! -T

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Spare time is a virtue that not everyone has. Use yours to learn - create something that can not be ignored!

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