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Week 10.

San Francisco Dreamin’

A Donut by Kylie on 15 March

… And so, after a week of exploring beautiful San Francisco, my American holiday has come to an end. San Francisco was the perfect end to my California tour. For as long as I have remembered I have wanted to visit San Francisco. It lived up to and exceeded every one of my expectations. It is beautiful, interesting and is home to so many things I love.

I’ll be honest in saying that, like last week, I don’t have a whole lot to say. I’ve spent even even less time thinking about ‘the everyday’ and more time exploring San Francisco as much as humanly possible without my feet falling off. I hiked up unexpected and expected hills (mountains?), took in some amazing views, strolled through the many piers, got heckled big time by a comedian, learnt about San Franciscan history while being terrified, ate the best food ever, walked across a giant red bridge (do you know it?), explored Alcatraz, satisfied my pop-culture curiosities and got lost many, many times.

But while I haven’t been thinking about ‘the every day’ back home, San Francisco’s ‘every day’ never stopped being inspiring during my stay. Maybe it was the beauty of San Francisco? Maybe it was because everyone seems genuinely excited about their lives? Maybe it was just because I was on holiday? Who knows. Maybes aside, I do see why San Francisco has become the ‘place-to-be’ for so many people in our industry. There’s a certain buzz I’ve never really experienced elsewhere.

I guess I haven’t learnt anything particularly life-changing this week but after being so inspired in San Francisco, I’m determined to find the same ‘buzz’ and the same level of inspiration here at home. I’m excited to be back but I have a feeling I’ll need all the inspiration I can find to get past the post-holiday blues!

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