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Week 15.

Revisiting the Beginning

A Donut by Timothy on 29 March

What am I up to this week?

I agreed to a 5 week relief stint at my school as the Art teacher. I originally pursued a career in education to become an Art teacher but life and circumstances steered me away from that goal. What I am excited by is being able to watch these young creatives. I love the retrospect in being the teacher watching over these Year 11 Art students, when it was that very year which had such an impact and influence over my creative endeavours. It’s an odd position to be in, almost like I am watching myself in the beginning and can now put into perspective just how much competence and (more importantly) confidence I’ve gained with time and experience.

Talents and Skills – Regardless of Age

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, you can be self-taught or hold a university degree – effective and creative work does not have pre-requisites… similarly, age is no deciding factor. I have seen spectacular work created by 14 and 15 year olds (seriously, put most people to shame). For that reason, I’ve always felt uneasy about elitist people.

I truly believe that there is more to a piece than the final product – it’s the anecdote that accompanies a creation, it’s the warmth or conviction in the voice of the designer when they describe their own work, it’s the quirkiness in the designers personalities subliminally injected in their work that shapes my reaction to a piece. For me, personally, poor character will turn me off your work, regardless of how technically good it is.

Art Classrooms Imitating Life  

Correct me if I’m wrong here but I think designers love discovering things they haven’t previously thought of. I guess it’s that lightbulb or ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ moment. It’s such a testament to the digital age and our connectivity with the world because innovation is shared just like ‘that’ *sassily snaps fingers*. It doesn’t take long for a ripple effect to emanate from that breakthrough and for it to birth a new trend. In the classroom, I get to see it on the smaller scale.

We were interpreting a sculpture and I, sought of, took the backseat and listened to what they thought. Obviously, there are no right or wrong answers and I eventually piped up and said what I thought of the piece. I prefaced what I thought with the, ‘my life experiences are different to yours so what I see, you may not…’ It was a really cool feeling to see the ticking of brains are they processed what I said and that ‘OH!’ moment they had when they saw things from a totally different perspective.

What’s cool is that there will be, at least one, child who will take that idea and run with it, at least one who will now see things from a different perspective and create new meanings in their work. Their next piece will be influenced by something deeper and more worldly than what they had previously considered. This is the power of communication and its influence on design – we must endeavour to share more!

I look forward to many more enlightening moments – I’ll be sharing more soon

This week's donut?

You can find inspiration through well experienced people - but don't underestimate the up and comers. They're already filled with ideas we haven't thought of yet.

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