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Week 37.

Respect the Process

A Donut by Timothy on 20 September

Man, it has been FLAT – OUT this week. I’m not complaining though! Every day presents itself with a new challenge, a new puzzle to solve or a new solution to be found. It’s part of what draws me to working with creative people – even in the most repetitious task, there is exciting experimentation and endless possibilities that reshape the way you see or think about things. Surrounding yourself with talented people is so important – it pushes you, challenges you to move outside your comfort zone.

Working hard for something you don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something you love is called passion.

I recently heard someone say something that I only came to understand myself this year. “It is possible to have a beautiful product WITHOUT an adequate design process, but it is unlikely.” I think people tend not to acknowledge the “behind the scenes” process when they see, say, a poster or an artwork. Out of sight – out of mind – I guess. The reality is, any effective visual communication needs to come from a place of research. Not only does a designer or artist need to decide which route they are going down, they need to think about alternative paths, or planning scenic routes to ensure no stone is left untouched.

The PRODUCT is a result of the PROCESS and yet we don’t value it as much. So how to we change this attitude? How do we show young people, in particular, that you can’t neglect planning, and that you should always aim to analyse, criticise and refine? These, so often, are just seen as nuisances by students. These are not questions I have the answers to, but it is something that I will be giving more thought to in the future…

This week's donut?

Being busy does not necessarily mean being stressed. If something is causing you anxiety; maybe it doesn't deserve to be in your life.

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