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Week 51.

Merry Christmas!

A Donut by Timothy on 27 December

The weeks leading up to Christmas can be quite frantic. What a stressful slash joyous time of year… On one hand, you’re frantically working towards tying up those loose ends. On the other hand, you’re starting to run on an empty gas tank after the year has taken it out of you. What I do like about this time of year, as things wind up at work, is the annual staff Christmas meal. It’s nice to reconnect with your colleagues in a more chilled out scenario. I suppose this is more relevant to people working in workplaces with lots of people because over the year you tend not to see that much of each other when you’re buried under mountains of work. At times, you’ll only ever get to see someone in “work mode” so it’s refreshing to remember that we still maintain our sense of humour under the layers of panic. Of course, our work families end up seeing us more than our home families at time, so it’s nice to reconnect at home too! Merry Christmas, everyone! Enjoy your time reconnecting with friends and family and rest up. Forget about whatever it is that you’re worrying about and just enjoy the moment. Indulge in all the food and worry about the gym tomorrow!

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