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Week 26.

Losing my way: Left, right, ahead or double-back?

A Donut by Kylie on 5 July

Week 26, the exact half-way mark of Two in Fifty Two, is proving to be a struggle. By now, I’d like to say that I’m able to swiftly flutter my fingers over my keyboard to produce word-magic at lightning speed but if I did, I would be lying. Truth be told, this is the fourth attempt at writing this blog post and the words are coming about as fast as the last few drops of tomato-sauce in an almost-empty squeezee bottle.

But, I digress.

I started this week thinking that I had lost my passion for design. Lately, I’ve been feeling unmotivated and, to be honest, a little bit fed up at even the mention of the word ‘design’. Luckily, by turning my thoughts into words and tediously working my way through my first, second and third attempts at writing this week’s donut, I actually discovered that I hadn’t lost my passion for design at all, I had just simply lost my way.

For the first time in plenty of years, I’m unsure about what I should be working towards. I’m driving in the dark, in the rain, without a map. I can’t see anything up ahead and I definitely don’t have a destination in mind.

This sounds rather bleak doesn’t it? It’s not really. I think a big reason for this is because I’m currently happy with where I’m at. I love my job, I love the people I work with and I’m starting to be consistently happy with my work. I guess I haven’t looked forward because I’m content with where I’m at.

Bad move, right?

Right. It’s a bad move because I end up here. Right now. Unsure about left, right, ahead or double-back. I stagnate. I lose motivation. Passion isn’t permanent and without motivation passion fades.

This needs to change.

Ever since high school, I’ve consistently had goals to work towards. Having clearly defined and achievable goals is what has led me to the position I’m in now (apparently, as it would seem, this is just a position where I can complain, on the internet, about how content I am). However, somewhere between my epiphany in week 11 and now, I lost sight of the goals I had at the beginning of the year. I suspect—no, I know—the reason I lost sight of these goals was because I didn’t take the time to think of an actionable plan to achieve them. I knew what I wanted to achieve but never really got around to figuring out how I  should achieve them. You know what they say about this, right?

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (and every over-zealous internet marketer ever)

So, in order to avoid that moment of panic where I think I’m no longer excited by what I’m supposedly passionate about, I need to create plans that will solidify my wishes as goals. Figuratively speaking, I need to create plans that will act as the paths I need to follow and keep my eye on my goals which will act as the destinations I need to arrive at.

Hopefully then, I will begin to find my way again.

This week's donut?

Without goals, you can feel lost and stagnate easily. Setting goals for yourself is a good way to always know where you're going. You will have constant paths to choose from and several destinations at which you can celebrate. This will help keep you motivated and will allow your passion to thrive.

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