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Week 31.

Listening to your body

A Donut by Kylie on 9 August

I don’t remember any of this week. Seriously. I spent a majority of it in a cold and flu tablet haze either in the doctor’s waiting room or face first on my pillow.

Unless I’m super snotty and gross, I don’t like taking sick days (I was raised in a very hardworking family who didn’t believe in them) so I usually battle through whenever I feel unwell. This week, despite not being snotty and gross, I listened to my body and stayed home and rested. I spent two days plagued by nausea, photophobia, violent coughing and the worst headache I have ever had. Good thing I took some time off because as it turns out, I had walking pneumonia for an entire month! Had I not taken the time off, the doctor tells me I’d probably be in hospital right now.

This week is more of a life lesson than a design lesson, but I guess it can be applied to life as a designer. If your body is literally yelling at you to rest – rest. Screw what your conservative, Filipino-Italian workaholic upbringing tells you.

This week's donut?

Look after yourself. Your health comes before anything.

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