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Week 38.

Just a Quickie from Me!

A Donut by Timothy on 27 September

I apologise for this being a short one, but as the term wraps up things tend to get a little manic in the mad rush to the finish line…

I recently had an interesting conversation with a colleague as we discussed some of our students’ creative work. You see, one of the criteria for assessing creative work is, of course, originality. With shows like Shark Tank out there, it is evident that we place a lot of value on original and unheard of ideas. The question however is, does having the most original idea guarantee you’re going to come out on top? Well, no…

Think about these scenarios. Someone takes a heavily influenced or tried-and-trusted existing idea. We’ve seen it before… BUT they do execute the idea to a highly professional standard. Are you going to be mad? Now, someone else might have a completely original idea – however original does not necessarily mean successful. Perhaps the “originality” comes from the fact that the idea is too weak for anyone to have ever considered it before. Who’s done the “right thing” in this situation?

ORIGINAL: Perhaps we need to be careful with how much importance we place on this, seemingly, innocent word. What if we emphasise the idea of innovation over originality? If we are able to be innovative with pre-existing ideas that are guaranteed to work… has the work’s value somehow diminished?

Just another interesting question with a very blurry answer…

This week's donut?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to our crafts. The old saying, "why re-invent the wheel?" certainly poses a valid question.

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