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Week 51.

In The Little Moments

A Donut by Kylie on 27 December

Merry Christmas!

I can’t believe we are at the end of the year, and I can’t believe we are only one week away from the end of Two In Fifty Two!

I’ve been working away in the office alone this week, holding the fort while everyone is busy enjoying their end-of-year breaks. I’m quite content doing so though and while I can complain that I’m not outside enjoying the sun, I can’t complain about being stuck in a terrible job doing terrible things. I’ve never made a secret about how fortunate I know I am to be in this position.

That, and if you’ve been reading along all year, I’ve also made no secret of the fact that sometimes I can feel a little bit frustrated with what I do, sometimes questioning if I really do enjoy it or if I enjoy it because I’m not really that great at anything else (ugh, shh Kylie).

And then in the most random moments, when you least expect it, you’re reminded that you’re exactly where you need to be. It’s when you start work at 9am and don’t look up until 2pm to realise you’ve been totally engrossed in what you’ve been doing and everything else in the world ceased to exist. I guess a quiet office without any spontaneous, flying nerf bullets will do that for you.

It’s worth remembering these moments, and storing them away for safe keeping for a later occasion when you’re just not sure about where you are.

This week's donut?

Sometimes all it takes is a little reminder, and your ability to listen.

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