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Week 50.

I Wouldn’t Want To Be Doing Anything Else.

A Donut by Kylie on 20 December

I spent this week in Melbourne on an extended girl’s weekend. There were five of us over the entire trip. From Australia, I am from Perth, another friend is from South Australia and the other is from Melbourne. Internationally, one of my friends is from New Zealand and the other is from Las Vegas. We had all spoken many times before and although some of us had previously met in person, most of the communication between us, up to that point, was all through Twitter or other social media.

Of course, we were all blown away by the way we all managed to coordinate ourselves into one timezone and how quickly we became comfortable with each one another despite having not met in person before.

It got me thinking. It got me thinking about the internet and how much the internet has changed the world; how we have this powerful connection to “free” information and most importantly, people. It got me thinking about social media and other internet communication tools and how they have made this world so much smaller. Suddenly, I have a group of friends who I would fly across the world to spend time with. Suddenly, I have deep connections to many places dotted around the world — USA, New Zealand, England, Germany, Greece, France, Italy, Algeria and here within Australia.

Now my potential friendships are not limited to colleagues, or school, or friends of friends or by location. Instead, the possibilities for friendships is almost limitless. With the internet and all of its separate corners, you are able to meet new friends across the world who share the same interests, ideals and life outlooks as you. Friendships run deeper because of the ability to find like minded people and the sense of understanding between each other is stronger because of it. For me, some of my longest friendships (from almost 14 years ago) started online. Today I am still constantly making new friends online and I’m so glad that this way of meeting people is finally becoming more and more mainstream. People were seriously missing out before.

What this made me realise is that I’m really thankful to work in this crazy industry. An industry that helps the internet along, changes the world and creates and builds these products I use that connect people in the way I have been so fortunate to experience in the past. Knowing how much the fruits of this industry has enriched my life, instills a confident certainty in me that I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.


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