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Week 41.

I have nothing to write about.

A Donut by Kylie on 18 October

This week I had nothing to write about. Actually nothing. No major learns, nothing super interesting, not even one frantic thought whirling around in my mind. Chalk it down to being preoccupied or just not being present. Whatever the cause, this week, I was at a complete loss for words.

I was stressed about this for a few days leading up this post but in making peace with the fact that this is totally okay, something became clear to me. There are going to be weeks that just don’t do anything for you. The weeks where inspiration is low; the weeks during which all you’ve done is iterate on a single form element; weeks where the biggest lesson learnt comes in the form of peanut butter on Cruskits crackers. These weeks aren’t going to produce life altering, mind changing perspectives on the world or your work and the week—like my week—will slip into the abyss of time never to be remembered again. Let it. The important thing is not to let these weeks become regular or become an indicator of your current position. These weeks are fleeting and are the type that allow you to appreciate the better weeks. The shade to the light, if you will.

As a designer it’s important to remember this because if you’re anything like me, sometimes these weeks will cause your confidence to take a bit of a hit. In an industry that moves so fast, full of people who are producing and progressing equally as fast, it can be somewhat daunting and a little bit jarring when you seem to slow down while everyone else is continuously moving forward. If we were to take a leaf out of the fitness industry’s book, interval running — the process of running for, for example, 1 minute and the walking for another minute, rinse and repeat — is said to be the most efficient and effective way to make progress.

Maybe for me, this week was just my walking week.

This week's donut?

It's okay to have walking weeks. Own them. Most of the time they are a product of circumstance and very much less a product of yourself. Be okay with this, and use such time to recuperate and to appreciate the good weeks that will likely follow.

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