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Week 25.

The dream where you’re running, but you’re not moving

A Donut by Kylie on 28 June

I’m feeling the (digital) design landscape change and I’m not sure I like it. I feel like there is an overwhelming pressure to look at everything abstractly in the absence of, what they call, ‘original ideas’. I’m feeling like design is becoming less about communication and more about tools and processes. I feel like if I don’t know what ‘full stack designer ninja front end developer evangelist’ means, I’m not doing my job right. I feel like if I don’t use Sketch, I’m like that person that still uses HTML tables in 2014. I’m feeling more and more pressure to be mutli-skilled. I feel like everything needs Slack integration because “say good bye to email!”. I feel like I should know the definition of a Product Designer. I feel like there is no definitive definition for a Product Designer. I’m feeling like the job I started doing, is no longer the job I’m doing.

I feel like I need to catch up.

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Breathe. You're perfectly OK.

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