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Week 8.

Detaching from the everyday

A Donut by Kylie on 8 March

I won’t lie. Keeping up with this blog over the past four weeks has been a struggle. Not because of time, but because at the moment I am so detached from everyday life and everyday routine that I’m also detached from everyday thinking. Like a lot of people, each day I’ll usually think about whatever thing I’m working on at the time while also thinking about much broader and sometimes unrelated things — what I’m having for lunch, the way I did things yesterday, if what I’m doing actually looks good, what my next project will be etc. Being completely distracted by new cities, new people, new experiences and new-everything-else really takes away from my capacity to maintain everyday thought.

Not that I’m complaining!

I haven’t read a design article in almost a month. I’m in San Francisco at the moment and only just heard that a whole bunch of Apple craziness got released into the wild. I haven’t opened Photoshop, Illustrator or Sketch and I haven’t even drawn anything. There’s something a little bit freeing about all of this.

Letting go of the everyday that usually occupies my mind has meant that I have had more room to be inspired and motivated by the sights, sounds and experiences of Paris and the USA. This inspiration and motivation is what has me so excited to return home. While I’m sad that my travel adventure will be over in one week, I’m looking forward to smashing the goals I’ve set myself in 2015. I feel like I’ve accomplished a major life goal and I feel like my one month adventure will equip me with a little more life-experience that will hopefully enrich my work to come. This excites me and I feel reenergised because of it.

This all said, I don’t think detaching from the everyday is something that needs to only occur when you fly to the other side of the world. Perhaps I — or we — need to practice a certain level of detachment every so often to revitalise ourselves. Do something different, embrace the distractions, learn by not-learning.

One week of exploring San Francisco and next week I’ll be back to my ‘everyday’. Looking forward to it!

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Take some time out. It's worth it.

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