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Week 8.

Diamond in the Rough

A Donut by Timothy on 1 March

So it was practice and experimentation on the drawing board for me this week. Normally I would create something and show Kylie so she can give me a chance to change my mistakes, consider changes… but if I’m going to do the journey of a beginner any justice for other people like me, I need to show the raw designs – even if they have mistakes. So she’ll be seeing them for the first time too – hopefully they aren’t THAT bad!

My first design was inspired by Philippines representative in Asia’s Next Top Model. Look, save yourself the effort and me the embarrassment, and let’s just say I’ve seen many an international and domestic version of Tyra Bank’s lovechild. Anyhoo, I thought Katarina needed a website that introduced her to the world – people who weren’t familiar with who she is and where she’s from, so the narrative was important here.


I need to get out of the ‘two columns’ shtick, which I’ve sort of resorted to in the past. I put in a handwritten element, which I read is a nice ‘human touch’ to an electronic page. I’d love to know if this would translate into one of those pages where as you scroll the ribbons/images in the back stretch and disappear. I put in the wooden flooring element too (and again in the next design) because I like that organic element.

On to the second design. So Conor Maynard, UK singer with a mad decent voice, released a new track the other day. Loved it, wanted to buy it dinner and take it to bed. I thought, let’s see what his website had to offer. Now, I advise you not to visit if you have just eaten dinner, because the effect they’ve got on there is absolutely nauseating. The screen tilts and bends with the position of the mouse. Try not to lose your lunch.


I’ve taken that turquoise colour of the single cover and used it throughout the design. I’ve really tried to tie in all the elements together, let the lines draw your eye down the page. I’m trying to get out of the habit of putting things in rectangles and thinking outside of the “box” per se. Another thing I’ve really struggled with is coping with white space – with my drawing I think filling the space, but here a little breathing room is good for user experience…

I think I’m starting to “loosen up” and be bolder with my lines. I’m trying to play around with gradients a bit more and play with light elements – I see that that translucent, glass like elements are big at the moment – so it would be good to move towards that. I’m no developer, I don’t know what is possible or not (Kylie and I have certainly discussed curved writing before!) but if you know what you’re talking about and want to provide feedback – I’m all ears! This is my fourth and fifth attempt at website designing- hopefully I’m making progress! Let’s just reminisce on my first abysmal attempt, here…


This week's donut?

I think I had put this expectation on myself to "just know" what a website looks like - I mean, I've seen many, right? Don't let pride stand in the way of learning, empty your mind of pre-conceived ideas of what a website LOOKS like, and pretend you've never seen one before. Look, analyse, dissect... design standards change, learn something new!

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