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Week 26.

I’ve Got a Blank Space… on This Blog!

A Donut by Timothy on 5 July

I’ve been racking my brain for quite a while now thinking about what I’m supposed to write here. It’s rather inconvenient that we can’t schedule in a weekly life changing experience or quick-fire off life affirming mantras.

You know your slow weeks? Well, I guess this one came to a complete stop and motivation checked out of the building. If you are anything like me, you like knowing that you are achieving something, that you are keeping busy and working towards something. Usually on weeks like this, I get really anxious which only usually makes the situation worse… only this week, I allowed myself to just ‘take it easy’. I read a really cool quote (which, of course, I can’t find now…) which said, more or less, ‘If you can’t find inspiration – start creating and it will find you.’

So instead of trying to make something new, I revisited some old things and attempted to represent them in a new way. It allowed me to revisit my dribbble account. I’m really glad that Kylie invited me to it, because I had never heard it before – if you’re starting out, you need to find something to invite you in! I haven’t received much/any comments from anyone on anything I’ve put up, but seeing the likes and even the views definitely gives you a form of feedback, which is especially important as an “outsider” to the industry without a lot of contacts.

On a side note, I’m quite happy with the way my website has developed and changed. Perhaps I should have taken of screen shot the various incarnations to put into perspective just how the focus has changed, how some questionable items make room for better pieces, even how the content is structured. I feel like I’ve created something that captures my aesthetic, which can easily be scanned in a minute or studied for longer. I was reading an article from a director who talked about REALISTICALLY having only a few minutes to look at portfolios, so why not make it easy for them?

This final point I’m going to bring up, I’ll do briefly because it’s not so much a ‘design thing’ but I think a ‘life thing’, which anyone can take from. This year has allowed me to really reassess my approach to life – what was important to me, what worked and what hadn’t, what I was willing to put up with and what I wouldn’t. When I took a break away from what could only be described as a carousel of work, home, sleep, repeat – I saw what I was missing out on, which was travel… hence I’ve booked a few flights this year and who knows, it might be these experiences that inspire me to do something I hadn’t done previously or lead to something I hadn’t imagined before. I guess what I’m saying is, work is important but make sure you take time to play as well.

’til next time!

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