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Week 33.

Finding Big Motivation in Little Victories

A Donut by Timothy on 23 August

Sometimes we think of victory as running through the ribbon at the end of a long race whilst a deafening roar of cheers from supporters fill our ears. It’s nice to be reminded that for us, at some point or another, “winning” comes from simply signing up to the race or beating our personal best. I rediscovered this humble attitude this week. A small personal project I had never tried before filled me with a new sense of confidence, enthusiasm and sparked a new set of aspirations. A far larger, recent project I have almost drawn to a close—one that utilised skills I had developed over a while now—feels good but it doesn’t compare to that sense of accomplishment you feel when you can notch a new skill on your belt. Below is a short video of my recent personal project.

I have to apologise for not writing as much as I usually do. I have that dreaded head cold feeling that you simply cannot escape from at this time of the year. I’m off to blow my nose!

This week's donut?

If you put pressure on yourself to reinvent the wheel or be a showstopper, you might forget to savour the little victories along the way which lead you in the direction of that final, imagined destination.

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