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Week 46.

Being Inspired Abroad

A Donut by Timothy on 22 November

I haven’t always been a big advocate of travel. Growing up, I didn’t see the appeal and didn’t aspire to go anywhere abroad. In a sense, I was perhaps ignorant to the value of not only seeing, but experiencing other cultures. Travelling to the Philippines has once again been an invaluable ‘shake-up’ of my views of the world and my place in it. Anyone who has been to Manila, can tell you how manic it is (note here, one of the worst places in the world for traffic!). It’s eclectic nature and strong contrast between East vs. West, traditional vs. contemporary and privilege and poverty mean there is always something new to observe and experience. It’s the more cultural and traditional references that you see around you, a tribal pattern or hand made piece of art, that make you think, ‘that looks great, I want to make something like that!’ We like to joke back home about tourists taking photos of the “most mundane” things and yet are guilty of being the same when placed in their position. One aspect I like about travelling through Asia is seeing how different countries take influence from Western references and putting their own personalised twist on it. You have that, ‘oh, I know this’ moment with a, ‘I’ve never seen it done like this before. That’s cool!’ afterthought. Get out there and bring home some fresh inspiration.

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