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Week 44.

Award Winners… Who, us?

A Donut by Timothy on 8 November


Wow, we did it! Australian Web Award winners for the Personal category… crazy. To celebrate our little idea and how far it has come, I’d like to share where our little idea started.


We were taking a sunset walk along the beach (nothing romantic here, it was a feeble attempt at “fitness”). This was an actual snap taken on the walk.


and in between the huffs and puffs, we brainstormed a bunch of ideas for the name. Fiftytwodonuts sounds delicious.

tyandky44 weeks later and here we are! The Australian Web Awards night was a little intimidating at first but it was the friendly faces and celebratory claps (not just for their own teams, or just for entrants from their own states) that made the night a wonderful tribute to the organisers. We also cannot forget the talented designers who should be extremely proud of their work, regardless of going home with a trophy.

This week's donut?

A little ambition can go a long way.

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