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Week 44.

Thanks, Australian Web Awards.

A Donut by Kylie on 8 November

I hope you’ll forgive me for writing about awards very close together but there is no denying that the biggest thing to happen this week was Two in Fifty Two winning the National Australian Web Award for the Personal Category.

I won’t say much about the awards, because I said it all in a previous blog post when we were fortunate enough to win the State Award. That said, I wanted to share something that I found so special on the night that meant more to me than winning the actual award itself.

The support.

I was quite literally shocked, when, upon calling Tim and I’s name just for the nomination, there was a loud chorus of encouraging cheers, clapping, and whistling from around the room. I didn’t expect it at all and even before our names were called as the eventual winners, I had already felt like we had won, as cliched as that might sound.

The previous cheers were echoed as we walked to the stage stunned that our humble side project was supported so widely by both the industry and our peers. As I very nervously fumbled my way through a speech I didn’t prepare at all because I was sure we weren’t going to win, I saw a sea of familiar, friendly and smiling faces reassuring me that my stutters weren’t so bad.

Those small moments of support taught me that awards feel nice but knowing that you’re part of an encouraging community where your supposed “competition” are actually just your mates is a whole lot nicer.

Thanks lovely people and congratulations to all of our fellow nominees and winners. <3 Thank you AWIA for a great night and also the judges for the award; we really appreciate it.

Holding the award

‘Scuse the blurriness, but isn’t he handsome? The trophy, I mean.

This week's donut?

I still have a crush on the Perth web community.

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