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Week 36.


A Donut by Timothy on 13 September

I’ve been feeling pretty guilty about this blog. Firstly, the description of my situation on this blog does not properly explain where I stood at the beginning of week 1. Let me start at the beginning…

I entered my studies to become a teacher with the intent of becoming an Art teacher. It was my favourite subject – and thanks to a horrifically short memory span and inability to retain numbers, my most successful. Long story short, that journey took what I thought would be a “short detour” and I ended up in English teaching territory. I felt like I was in quicksand – I felt I was going nowhere fast and opportunities to make the change were quickly dashed and made worse by a lack of experience in the subject.

Completing my Diploma in Graphic Design seemed like the kickstart I needed towards a career that allowed me to properly utilise the enthusiasm for creating. In the end, I had gained little friction at my workplace and in the eyes of prospective employers. I had enough – I knew I wanted to be able to challenge myself creatively and be around like-minded people. This lead me to the hiatus from my school and the goal to integrate myself into the “design community” (wherever that may be) and as a “designer” in whichever form that was).

Now, the universe has a funny way of playing out. The moment my focus was switched, the very opportunities that eluded me were now being presented to me on a plate. Now, I don’t know if this opportunity, which was meant to last a few weeks and evolved into a few months will continue into the future. Despite the chance it may end tomorrow, I have enjoyed every experience this opportunity has presented so far immensly.

Herein lies my guilt. This website has attracted viewers with backgrounds in Web Design – my reflections of Art teaching are hardly what they have tuned in for. Whilst Kylie’s post still offer relevance for those fields, I have started to feel like a dead useless appendage that has let her down by not living up to the vision we prophesied this blog to take. It is my hope that in some way my posts, such as this one and those which I reflect on my time as an Art Teacher (a art director role, of sorts), will offer something that you can relate to or take from despite our varied and different roles.

This week's donut?

Thank you to anyone who has viewed my posts, I know they are not earth shattering or life changing but they are real life and honest and something I should take great pride in.

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