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What is Two in Fifty Two?

Are the day-to-days, week-by-weeks and month-on-months the same between a designer who is about to step into their first design job and a designer with a few years experience? Do they celebrate the same things and feel the same struggles? We have no idea but we thought it’d be interesting to compare the journeys between the two throughout the year to find out. We’re both going to be posting one story, or, as we affectionately know them– donuts —each week. At the end of the year we’ll compare the stories; we’re excited to see the results!

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Timothy Excell

A design wannabe moonlighting as a teacher for the last 5 years who has decided to ditch detention slips, whiteboard markers and ‘well done’ stickers to cut my teeth as a creative professional. As a young child, I never failed to watch Neil Buchanan on ‘Art Attack’. I am inspired by manga, shiny perfume bottles, the natural shapes of flowers, captivating faces and of course, the 90s. I love design that has a sense of humour.

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Kylie Timpani

Hi there. I'm Kylie and I'm a designer making digital things at Perth agency, Humaan. I've been working as a designer for about five years now and in that time I've experienced designer life in small agencies, big agencies and through the joys and perils of freelancing. When I'm not knee deep in pixels and the odd bit of code I'm making friends with cats, annoying Tim, looking at the sky and leading the crusade against over-lettuced salads.

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What's with the donuts?

What isn't with the donuts?!

Donuts Illustration

When Kylie was a uni student and had $5 to survive an entire week, a 12-pack of semi-stale cinnamon donuts priced at 50 cents a pop were a means of survival not a luxury. A long running joke since then, we have come to know the humble cinnamon donut as something that gets you through the tough times and sees you to the end. We know, that for both of us, this year is going to be full of tasty proverbial donuts so we thought we'd share them with you. Plus, donuts are just delicious and we're generous like that.